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Your middle school ELA lesson plans are 100% totally done! 

Here's what you get inside our LAT community: 

Use these gorgeous Week at a Glance pages for tips and hacks to save you time each week!

Members have FULL access to ALL grade level materials (perfect for scaffolding or differentiation)!

7th and 8th Grade Units (9 Weeks Each!) 

Argumentative / Persuasion Reading & Writing

Expository Reading & Writing

Descriptive Reading & Writing

Narrative Reading & Writing

6th Grade Units: (4-6 Weeks Each + More!)

Elements of Fiction & Short Stories

Nonfiction Text Structures

Figurative Language & Poetry

Elements of Drama

"Great activities. I LOVE them!" 

-- JoJo from Oregon

7th Grade ELA Teacher 

A lesson plan page for each day of the year!

Easy-to-Use Lesson Plan Pages Each Day for Each Grade Level!

Every day and every grade level comes with beautiful lesson plans pages with the CCSS objectives already looked up and listed for you (and I'm now including the TEKS for our teacher friends in Texas!) 

Objective and I Can statement; Procedures; Daily Assessment; Additional Resources... It's all done for you!

Never sit up late at night again trying to type out your lesson plans! These are nicely done so you can proudly display them in your room or turn them in to your admin!

"Thanks for all of the support, Laura. I really love the plans! They are great, they keep the kids engaged, and expand their thinking abilities."  

-- Kim M. from Indiana

7th & 8th Grade ELA Teacher  

-- JoJo from Oregon

Do-Nows, Bell Ringers, Each and Every Day to Start Class!

400+ Do-Now's/Bell Ringers/Warm Ups (whatever you wanna call 'em)

Every unit and every grade level comes with opening activities and "Do Now's" guaranteed to get your students off to a great start (and give you a few minutes of peace at the beginning of class). 

Nothing is worse than a rowdy class coming in from the halls between classes. It can make for a long hour and ruin the rest of your day. You need a great opening activity to get your students settled down, in their seats, quiet and working!

Our opening activities and mini-lessons are guaranteed to introduce and / or review the lesson content to get you started every single day. Never start a class period stressed out again!

"THANK YOU so much! I feel like I should have paid you way more money for your plans, considering how much assistance you are providing me. You are such a blessing!"

-- Mary S. from Texas

7th & 8th Grade ELA Teacher  

Over 100 Super Easy Mini-Lesson Power Points to teach every new concept!

100+ Done-for-you PowerPoint mini-lessons! (brief, engaging, with best practices built-in)

Every lesson plan comes with done-for-you slides that can be used out of the box to teach your class. No prep necessary! Just start the slide show and teach your class off the presentation! Student Notes handouts are there, too, in case you want to use them!

These mini-lessons include "turn and talk" moments with high-level questions so your students stay engaged (no "sit-n-get" here!) This is so perfect if there are things you have to teach that you don't feel confident teaching (like poetry or annotating or anything at all!) 

Nothing is more time-consuming than creating Power Point mini-lessons for teaching your class. It can take 3-4 HOURS to create a good presentation (writing the text, finding pictures, proof reading dozens of slides, etc.). You never have to create slides again!

"Thanks so much! This is perfect! ...I also want to say that I appreciate the coaching aspect you offer!"

-- Suzanne R. from Virginia

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Each day's lesson has the BEST group work AND independent practice activities ready to go!

Each day's group work and independent practice is organized and done for you!

Lesson plans include hundreds of high quality, rigorous activities that are guaranteed to not only keep your students engaged and working, but also improve learning and test scores! 

Each day includes both small group (or partner) practice activities plus independent activities for a variety of learning opportunities for your kids! 

Questions and activities are guaranteed to be rigorous: leveled questions, standards-based, open-ended questions to make sure your students are the ones doing the heavy lifting (not you!!).

"The lesson plans are absolutely great! Thanks for all the help!"

-- Megen from Oklahoma

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Writing is embedded all throughout the lesson plans!

Formal and Informal Writing is Embedded All Throughout the Lesson Plans

Students should be writing all the time, and they DO with these lesson plan units (but don't worry about actually reading or grading it all... I've got you covered!) 

Major writing assignments include teachable mini-lessons to get your students on the right track, step-by-step (no more "I don't know what to write next")

Rubrics, editing & proofreading sheets, and small group presentation guidelines included (this stuff will totally cut down on what you have to grade!)

Writing lessons completely match the reading lessons so students always write about what they read and / or write in the same genre as what they are reading!

"I LOVE not having to plan anything! I actually have time now for my own life. Your service has been the best thing for me and my family."

-- Sarah D. from Louisiana

7th Grade ELA Teacher

Differentiated Unit Tests, Test Reviews, and Answer Keys Provided!

Assessments, Too!

Quizzes, Exit Tickets, Unit Tests, Projects, Essays, and more! Each unit test comes with two versions for easy differentiation!

Differentiated exit tickets and unit tests (Yup! I've done that for you, too, for each unit!)

Each Unit Test comes with student review activities to prep them for the upcoming assessment!

"Laura, I'm loving these lesson plans. I'm the only ELA teacher at my tiny school, so having you and all this stuff has been a life saver for me!" 

-- Angela L. from Michigan

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Teacher 

Use these gorgeous Week at a Glance pages for tips and hacks to save you time each week!

Week-at-a-Glance (major time-saver!)

Each week contains a gorgeous "Week at a Glance" one-page PDF for YOU with a quick summary of what students will be learning. 

Also included on the W at a G one-pager are ideas about how to even further differentiate the lessons for that week to meet students' needs at all levels. 

Plus, you get realistic hacks and ideas for how to cut down on that week's grading (Yes! Specific to that week!).

There's also a section on the W at a G that provides strategies to limit time spent at the copy machine for that week's lessons! This is huge if you're not going to be using Google classroom because I will cut your copy time in half!

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